Colors and Years

The view outside is green. I think of Listen To The Green, Luci Shaw’s first poetry book, which was published in 1971 (Harold Shaw Publishers; Wheaton, Illinois). And I mentioned her new book, Angels Everywhere: Poems (2022, Paraclete Press), in a recent post. Her books by my chair: 1971, 2022, and many books over the years. Wonderful creative work. Please see Luci Shaw The Official Website if you would like more information. She also is a photographer, and there is a Photo Gallery.

Books and art are good friends through all the changes life can bring.

Karl and I began here in December 2009, and I am grateful for blogs. One post, one day at a time. I also have bought books by authors I know from our blogs.

Colors and years: the daylily plants fill a garden. Lots of green now, and their flowers here are orange in July. Daffodils and primroses bloom now. Many wildflowers have found a home here – and bees, butterflies, birds.

Photo by Karl – July 2020


The bushes Karl pruned some time ago are growing so well. The forsythia by the driveway still flowers, and receives more light than the forsythia by the garage and cedar fence. Both beautiful. I think about writing poetry, and how often when I revise, the poem is shorter. And sometimes a poem grows longer. A haiku may become a tanka.

When I review my archives, I may also remember the inspiration for a poem, and can see how I could write the poem now. An older poem can become a new poem. At the same time, an earlier poem may seem less “perfect” – yet true to the time when I wrote the poem. Always room to grow.

they grow

they grow
in the garden
small hyacinths
from a store plant
years ago

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