A Poem For You (1991)

I taped up a picture of you
It must have been your last
Healthy Christmas–long overdue,
But you understand
I know you do.

And I’m up early to have some
Time alone before teaching, too
And I understand even more now
You know I do.

Mom’s doing better now…
She told me how you stood
Between two railroad cars
All the way from Washington D.C.
To Chicago after World War II.

And I’m teaching my heart out
Giving essay tests, too
Pouring out my soul
Like you used to do.

It’s Christmas again, and I
Taped up a picture of you
I’m writing poems and
Taking walks–doing fine
But missing you
Has not ceased with time.

In loving memory of Harold and Enola Borgh.  Your love is with me always.  We shall meet again.

Published in Midwest Poetry Review (1993); Bell’s Letters (1993); The Spirit of Christmas (1994, Weems Concepts).

Also included in my chapbook, And So My Soul (2001, Elin Grace Publishing).  Scripture from the King James Version of the Holy Bible.  Cover and illustrations by Charles A. Waugaman.   Design and Graphics by Jeffery Dickson.  ISBN 978-0-9729848-0-5.

Photo of the amaryllis is by Karl.

4 thoughts on “A Poem For You (1991)

  1. The memories of people we love and Christmas’ past. My grandmother was such a part of Christmas for me and she died just after Christmas 1999. Now both parents and in-laws have changed to heavenly addresses. We miss them most when they are not with us during these special times.


  2. Every Christmas brings back every past Christmas and gives us a chance to recognize the preciousness of so many people on our path… wonderful to think of Enola & Harold through this lens of love for them… ah, standing between railroad cars all the way from Washington to Chicago! pure poetry!


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