What A Road We Travel

What a road we travel
To figure out the
Simplest things and
Return to where we
Knew we belonged
All along

To build friendships
With those whose arms
Are true, all-accepting
And strong

To raise our arms to Heaven,
Dig our toes in sand, and
Throw back our heads to
The wind

What a road, what a road
We travel to figure out
The simplest things and
Return to where we
Knew we belonged
All along.

Published in Silver Wings (1995); The Writers’ Bistro (2007); WestWard Quarterly (2008); christinemasonmiller.com (2010).

12 thoughts on “What A Road We Travel

  1. Oh Ellen…this one is perfect! Just perfect! Thank you…it was so special to read it this Christmas Eve Morning!


  2. Blessed Christmas to you, Ellen–
    This is one of my favorite poems of yours from Westward Quarterly and I loved reading it again with the beautiful photograp–a perfect compliment.
    Love to you and Karl,


  3. I love this poems sense of cycles in life time
    bringing us back to where we best are meant to
    be. Great photo Karl!


  4. Ellen, thank you for the beautiful poem. Your pages are lovely, and I’m so happy to have found them!


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