Guest Artist: Margaret L. Been

A SIMPLE DAY, by Margaret L. Been–All Rights Reserved

5 thoughts on “Guest Artist: Margaret L. Been

  1. As a person strongly tied to the simple and lasting joys of home and family, the poetry and artwork of this entry touched me deeply. The vibrant colors in the painting are wonderful – I can almost feel the warm sunshine coming through the windows!
    Ellen, I remember sitting in your father’s classroom at Tosa East in the early 70’s and the lasting impression he made on me because he treated his students with respect, as if we were adults- it seemed more like a college course than a high school classroom.
    Thank you, Margaret and Ellen, for enriching my day!


  2. Thank you, Mary!

    I never had Mr. Borgh as a teacher, but knew how he was respected. A quiet, dignified man–and yes, he inspired his students with his respect for them! 🙂


  3. Dear Mary and Margaret,

    You both enrich my life as well!

    Thank you for your memories about my father. He was also a World War II veteran and cared deeply about history, which as you know, he taught.

    We have a winter storm here today and “A Simple Day” is so welcome.

    These are the kinds of days Dad loved too. And since Margaret remembered him, I felt this painting of hers would be perfect to follow my birthday post for Dad.

    Love always to you both,



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