Guest Artist: Poem By Win Couchman


The teakettle, heating
Old elbows on the
Support my head.

First worship
Always free.

Published with permission from Win Couchman.

Win is the author of “Don’t Call Me Spry” Creative Possibilities for Later Life (Harold Shaw Publishers, 1990); and a co-author of other books with her husband, Bob.  “First Worship” is a new poem.

4 thoughts on “Guest Artist: Poem By Win Couchman

  1. How wonderful! Please tell Win that I saw her poem, and would love to read her book!

    I love the title, because my Dad–who lived to be 102 years old–always said, “Don’t call me ‘spry’ and don’t call me ‘sprightly’.

    When Dad was 90, he refused to go to the Retired Men’s Club at his church. He said, “I don’t want to sit around with those old geezers.”

    What fun! 🙂


  2. Although I haven’t seen Win for many years, she was a very special roll model in my life. I would love to know where I can contact her…or have her contact me.


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