Spring Stroll

Spring stroll

in the Kettle Moraine

with Karl…

silence and solitude

then the song of the Sandhill Cranes

4 thoughts on “Spring Stroll

  1. That is beautiful, Ellen. When I was very young, my Dad took me pheasant hunting in the hills around Sheboygan Falls. I recall the fall scenery among the wooded hills, and field stone hedges–like in England! 🙂


    1. Dear Margaret, Thank you…and for your memories with your Dad.

      My parents bought two sets of china when they were young. I have my father’s set, which has pictures of pheasants.

      I love all the stone hedges as well.


  2. This poem brought lovely images to mind.
    Last fall my sister was visiting–she went outside on her way to do an errand.
    She rushed back inside and called me to come out on the lawn. A very large group of Sandhill Cranes was passing overhead. We stood and watched in wonder.


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