Translations of the Psalms

This morning I finished reading The Complete Psalms: the book of prayer songs in a new translation…and then I began again with Psalm I.   This beautiful and scholarly translation is by Pamela Greenberg.  The Foreward is by Susannah Heschel.  Published this year by Bloomsbury USA, New York.  I found this book at the Next Chapter Bookshop in Mequon, Wisconsin–a wonderful independent bookstore.

I began reading the Psalms, often aloud, in many different translations about 15 years ago.   I read in a King James Version from Dover Publications, the Contemporary English Version from the American Bible Society, and other translations.   I read from the Psalms to my mother on what turned out to be her last full day on earth. 

It’s the combination of honesty, language, and trust in God that draws me back again and again.  Usually daily, if only for a short time.  

Learning to live one day at a time…

The LORD is my shepherd…”

(From Psalm 23:1, KJV, Public Domain).

2 thoughts on “Translations of the Psalms

  1. Ellen, I am excited to get a copy of this book – I have been enjoying the Psalms for the last month or so in my chronological Bible. You expressed it so well- the beauty of the language and the honesty of emotion pointing to God’s faithfulness always brings comfort. How beautiful that you were able to read out of the Psalms to your mother on her day of homecoming.


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