Audit: November poem by Susan Firer, with Photos of Lake Michigan by the Poet


November’s gold oak-leafed waves slop the pier;
the ancient salmon and trout move towards shore.

Each November it’s the same; each November
the healthy fish bring the old and sick in to die.

For two weeks, the long, quick fish swim the length
of the pier, thread the pilings until all the ones

that swim the shore breaking water with tails & fins
have beached & been eaten by gulls, stars, & hawks.

Then the steelhead, coho, brown
trout left return to deep water.

And the trees begin to look like saints in moonlight
and the black walnut fills with cedar waxwings
all balled up against the November winds.

“Audit”  was published in Milwaukee Does Strange Things To People: New & Selected Poems 1979-2007, by Susan Firer (The Backwaters Press; poems copyright 2007 Susan Firer).

Please see Susan’s Guest Artist Post on February 22, 2010 for her biography. Her poem, “In Morning Sky’s White Winds I Walked” also appears in this post.  Here are the photos from the February Post.  Susan’s poetry and photos are printed on this blog with her kind permission.  All Rights Reserved.

Update, June 30, 2013:  Susan Firer’s website is