Changes, Hopes, And Prayers

Today I said goodbye to Waldenbooks (Borders) at Memorial Mall in Sheboygan.  I went to their going out of business sale, as I wished to say thank you.  They supported the community in many ways.  Their service was kind and helpful.  Over the years, I bought books there that they collected for literacy programs, prisons, and people from the area serving in the military.  I wrote a few notes in a few donated books on behalf of Karl and me.  A small thing to do, but of course when we all do something small to help others, it truly adds up.  We are blessed with full hearts and a good feeling of community.

Sure hope a new bookstore comes to Sheboygan and prayers for all who are looking for work.  We have seen other stores close too, in recent years, and new stores open.  A time of change and recovery.

3 thoughts on “Changes, Hopes, And Prayers

      1. A story that happened in a Waldenbooks store when I was young:

        I wanted a particular book, but it was more expensive than the trade paperbacks I usually would get. We didn’t have a lot of money at the time. My father said “I’ll never argue about buying a book for you” and got it for me. I’ll never forget that.


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