Bell’s Letters Poet And The Ratings For No. 136

Bell’s Letters Poet, Number 137 (July, Aug., Sept. 2011) arrived today.  This is a poetry print journal with a wonderful community.  It is edited by Jim Bell from Gulfport, MS, USA.

I am honored and grateful that “Migration,” a poem I posted here on March 20, 2010, received 93 votes by fellow poets and readers.  It places Number 12 in The Ratings –Top 50 for BL No. 136.


Skeins of geese flying
To our neighbor Canada
A brand new chapter…
Books arriving in the mail
Songs of beauty and courage

“Flying Geese” courtesy of

6 thoughts on “Bell’s Letters Poet And The Ratings For No. 136

  1. Your poem brings pleasant images to mind– and your choice of photo is perfect.
    I am happy for the rating!


  2. Hi Ellen. I know I commented on this poem before, but I keep thinking about your poem about the geese. We were in Ontario last week and the V’s of geese are building to fly south. I remembered your ‘skeins of geese’ whenever I saw them! Jane


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