Memories And Hope

We are all remembering September 11 this weekend.  Others live with its reality every day.  I see many images of resilience and hope.

Ten years ago, on 9/11, I went grocery shopping early in the morning.  For some reason, I did not watch the news that morning.  I think I had only begun learning about email.

I like to support many local businesses, and I cherish the network of country roads I have learned in this area. So I was on a quiet road, on my way to Piggly Wiggly in Sheboygan. I turned on the radio and learned what was happening.  Usually I have silence in the car. 

The store was basically deserted.  I remember a quiet song by Stevie Nicks was playing. She visits wounded soldiers, who are often too young to know her work.  She listens. 

What gifts listening and empathy are. 

Once a Vietnam veteran I knew well contacted me after reading a few of my poems.  He felt I would understand.  I have not served as he did, but what more could any writer ask for?

That something we said helped for a moment. 

3 thoughts on “Memories And Hope

  1. Who could forget that day? I was in the middle of interviews when we heard the news and everything stopped. It seemed for weeks like the world as we knew it could end. Ten years later, a sad memory and the world we knew did not end but changed forever. Jane


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