Full Circle – An Old September Poem

This is a poem both young and old!  It was published first in PEGASUS (Summer 1994).  I have lost touch with this publication, but am honored to have it among my credits.  My 40th birthday, that I was looking forward to in this poem, would be spent in the hospital.  The decade ahead would include many passings of loved ones. I was 50 when my mom was called Home in 2004.  Now I have learned–though the grief was hard–in a deep everyday kind of way, that love lasts and keeps growing and changing.  New chapters grow, and have their own unique beauty. 

I have also reconnected with friends from my teaching years.  Their careers grew beautifully; they add so much to the lives of others.

I honor the teachers, in all their various settings and programs, today. 

And as I always say, I always feel as if I am just beginning…


It is September
My first not in school
Since Kindergarten
And I will be forty
In December.

Thinking over the years…
I remember driving through
Montana one vacation
We were in a small town
Looking for a gas station.

What you do
Becomes part of you
The town had a large school
I don’t even remember the name
But I’d know what to do just the same.

Now I’m turning more of my intensity
To poetry, and I’m far from teacher there
This time, though, no degree
My study both school and playground
Nurturing my creativity.

I sense I’ve come full circle today
As I look forward to this birthday
My hair brown and grey and bleached by the sun
Back now in Wisconsin
September 1993: in search of poetry.

Image courtesy of doverpublications.com.
From A fanciful gallery, filled with the beauty of nature.

6 thoughts on “Full Circle – An Old September Poem

    1. Thank you for your kind readings of my posts. Blogs are sure a great way to organize our work–what we wish to save and also a place to receive feedback about new creative efforts.

      I’m learning a lot from your blog! You are growing a nice community too.


  1. Hi. I like bringing out the older poems, and reflecting on what has changed and what is the same. I like the way this poem tells a story, Do you still publish? Jane


    1. Hi Jane, I’m learning a lot from your blog too. Just this morning, a botany lesson and more about “sacred spaces.”

      I still publish–most recently in SMILE (a non-profit large print journal, with a ministry for “shut-ins” and nursing homes) and BELL’S LETTERS POET. These print journals also have a blog/community atmosphere. I’ve followed their example in many ways. TIME Of SINGING is a print journal that also has a website. Just received my first issue of HARP-STRINGS POETRY JOURNAL, which I am enjoying.

      Thank you!


  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful poetry! I am inspired through your words. What subject/grade did you used to teach? Were you able to tie your art form into your teaching?


    1. You are welcome! I taught elementary school for 5 years a long time ago, and then helped to prepare teachers for their own careers. I also taught Sunday School for 12 years. I agree that art is essential. There was a wonderful art teacher in the school where I taught, and I included many extra projects. LOVED designing bulletin boards and including the children’s work. When teaching Sunday School, we had a box of varied art supplies, and let the children create as they wished the last 15 minutes of class. During this time, I read aloud to them from books by Madeleine L’Engle and C.S. Lewis. Thanks again!


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