Rain, Brown Rice, And Restaurants

raindrops fall
from grey skies

autumn’s colors
more restful now

brown rice
simmers on the stove


I cook with olive oil and add soy protein and vegetables.  Also enjoy our great local family restaurants in Sheboygan County.  JUDI’S PLACE opened a few weeks ago in Oostburg.  We lacked a restaurant like this, that serves breakfast too, in recent years.  We also have a Pizza Ranch. 

Karl took the photo of our last few snapdragons last weekend.

4 thoughts on “Rain, Brown Rice, And Restaurants

  1. Hi Ellen. I like this poem very much. The ‘grey’ and ‘brown’ bracket the colors and make them all ‘restful’. The poem expresses what I have never thought about, how autumn saturates us with bright colour, most of them stress-inducing!!! Jane


  2. I love brown rice! I love looking at fall colors on cloudy or rainy days – they seem brighter in a nice way, at least here in New England. On sunny days they seem washed out, drained of color. Our peak colors are supposed to arrive this weekend. Your lovely poem is like haiku…


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