First Frost On The Fields

first frost
on the fields
when did
the robins

late October
kale for sale
at Home Depot

wearing a second
colorful sweater
first frost on the fields

a roundabout way
and by
Tree Farm

frost glitters on the fields

placing the geraniums
in the sunroom
time to transplant

Image of Kale Lettuce is courtesy of

Bossler’s Christmas Tree Farm is here in Oostburg.  I went to the Home Depot in Kohler for new pots and organic soil for the geraniums.  Now they can live inside for a time.

12 thoughts on “First Frost On The Fields

  1. Hi. I like the ‘kale for sale’… the next stanza says to me that both you and the kale are wearing the sweater.. the photo shows me that the kale looks like knitting… nice poem. Jane


    1. Thank you, Jane. Lovely to read how the stanzas work together from your viewpoint. I’ve read haiku and tanka for many years, and now simply like to write in my own way, to record what I see, hopefully honoring various sources of inspiration.


  2. You have a lovely blog, thanks for visiting mine. I like your Christmas cactus gravatar. I had one for years, but it never bloomed until I left it with my mom when I moved out of state. She was as surprised as I, to find it absolutely inundated with red blossoms that year. I’m glad God gave her that gift.


    1. Dear Patti, Thank you. I bought the Christmas cactus last year, and it didn’t bloom well for the holidays. But then it bloomed later on, when Karl took that photo. Then we transplanted it into a larger pot, and now it is just beginning to form new flowers once again. Lovely story about your mom.


  3. Ellen, you have a very interesting blog; I’ve enjoyed visiting, seeing some of your beautiful photos, and soaking in some of your poetry. I’ve decided to follow your blog, and I look forward to coming back to see and read more. Thanks for “liking” my Stages of Cotton so that I could come here and find you! God bless! =)


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