December Sun

seagulls and clouds
fill the sky

December sun
from the south
shines on
a Psalm

short days
stars brighten
winter sky

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6 thoughts on “December Sun

    1. Good morning, Jane. Thank you–you always hear the music in poems! If you haven’t visited Margie’s blog, you’d enjoy her poems and photos too. I think I learned of you both from “Watching Seasons.”

      Yesterday I sent your link to Margarita Engle in California. Like you, she’s a botanist and loves history and poetry.

      And yes, the sun shining on the Psalm is beautiful. I have a comfortable chair by a window that gets the sun from the south now. Patti, who also commented on this post, also is a photographer. Her quote from Isaiah caught my eye.

      Just beginning to know all of you! Margarita and I have corresponded for several years.


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