New Chapters

new chapters
grow a day at a time

moon shines
through clouds
through trees

sun rises
and reveals

our first snowfall

 Amaryllis picture
courtesy of

8 thoughts on “New Chapters

    1. Hi Patti, It’s wonderful how the comments enrich a post. Thanks for your good thought, which did not occur to me when I wrote the poem! I was reflecting on my remembrance posts for my parents and how new chapters grow out of grief and change–and are beautiful in their own way. God’s grace.


  1. That’s how it works. The sun rises and then we get to see our first snowfall of the year. Here in New Mexico we have been having huge storms–unlike this area, so we’re a little shellshocked, but the first snowstorm was just like this poem, a little bit of magic.


    1. Dear Thomas, Thank you, and I look forward to visiting your blog again too. I have not been to New Mexico, but have seen some of Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings. Beautiful state! She was born here in Wisconsin, as you may know.


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