Tanka By Carol Purington

From my friend the pilgrim
Mardi Gras beads
wrapped around
her favorite recipe
for communion bread

Winter sky
the holy blue distance
of eternity
all day on my friend’s forehead
the smudge of Ash Wednesday

By Carol Purington

Posted with her kind permission.
All Rights Reserved.

Morning Song: Poems For New Parents is Carol’s latest book, and is edited with Susan Todd (2011, St. Martin’s Press, New York).


Image courtesy of wpclipart.com.

9 thoughts on “Tanka By Carol Purington

  1. These are truly Fabulous!! Wow–I thought I liked the first one best, then I read the other and couldn’t decide–they’re both so Rich!! Thanks so much–have a blessed day.


  2. Oh, Ellen, What a gift this is! There is such life that Carol shares with us all… giving us all life … awakening the crocuses in each soul. Carol, I LOVE YOU!!! 🙂 Merrill


    1. Carol, You send more than words with your words. You wrap them up in a spirit that feels like warm arms around us as we read….or cool water for our thirsty lips,… Little pieces of yourself you share with us, adding to our own lives in the process. I’m so thankful that our paths crossed…


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