Snow Before Spring


creative wells

blankets of
fresh snow
will melt
soak all the fields
nourish seeds
to be planted

protect against
any future drought

Image courtesy of
From 408 Victorian Ornamental Designs.

15 thoughts on “Snow Before Spring

  1. Ooh, like the new look. Very simple and peaceful. Ah, refilling creative wells. We all have to do that. I swear I am on a creative tear and my creative mind is working overtime, LOL! xx


  2. Yes, the downtime that snow brings does refresh one’s creative soul. I am missing that with this mild winter, but certainly won’t complain about warm weather!


    1. Good morning, Patti. Yes, the turn towards spring isn’t as dramatic this year, but the warm weather is so welcome always. In Wisconsin, though, we can have snow in April. One day at a time!


  3. Ellen, thank you for a poetic voice that is consistent and pure.
    We also have a bit of snow and raw wind. So strange this winter.
    Lord bless you,


    1. Dear Nancy, Thank you for your very kind comment. It means a lot to me if I am able now to translate some of the images I so love into words, and to share with our community.

      I remember you know this area. When I drove back north from caring for my mother in Milwaukee, I learned many country roads. That time and others nourished my soul. So much left to say and learn!

      Blessings, Ellen


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