Oh Beauty

after times of loss
great worry
I want to feel
my own
art again

I was sad
perhaps numb

oh beauty

the line of a poem
a Psalm, a song,
a kind note

that breaks
my heart open

and I find poems

Perhaps because of Lent, I am prayerfully looking at my life in a big picture way.  This is from my journal today, with some editing as I type.  I’ll send it off, and let it be spontaneous.

Wendy Brightbill is also speaking of beauty and the broken places.  One of her mixed media art prints is in my study, with her saying “but she just kept going…”  Beautiful.  Please visit her site if you have a moment:  http://www.agirlandherbrush.com.

20 thoughts on “Oh Beauty

  1. “and I find poems”–so lovely, and thank you for pointing me to another blog! Have a much-blessed day.


  2. ‘that breaks my heart open again’
    yes, the place of brokeness again … thank you for this and for Wendy’s link – her ‘ I choose hope’ is a perfect response to almost everything.
    Thanks, Ellen.


    1. Dear Thomas, Thank you. The comments from you and others are a great support. We all listen to one another in a caring way on our blogs.

      And we create art!

      It’s amazing, this community of kindred spirits.

      Blessings to all, Ellen


  3. This is beautiful, Ellen. I was reminded of the grief I went through after my mother’s death and that time — more than a moment, I think — when the world went from black & white to color again. I love the way you phrased as breaking your heart open again.


    1. Thank you, Robin, very much. You express the colors returning so beautifully. I look in my closet now and am amazed at the variety again. I bought some colorful old sweaters at Bethesda Thrift Shop in Sheboygan, just a few dollars each.

      So much beauty on your blogs. Blessings, Ellen


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