Acrostic for WIND

W  onder

I  nspires

N  ew 

D  reams


I’ve been listening to a lot of music this winter.  Sarah McLachlan’s CD, Laws of Illusion,* includes the song, “Bring On The Wonder.” This song is written by Susan Enan, a new writer for me: “Bring on the wonder/Bring on the song…”

*ARISTA, 2008, 2010

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13 thoughts on “Acrostic for WIND

  1. What a lovely song – after reading your post I listened to it for the first time on YouTube. Your acrostic is wonderful, too! Feeling inspired now… thank you.


    1. Hi Caddo, So nice to meet you this year and begin to read your lovely work too. Sarah’s music is healing, so comforting to me.

      Isn’t it interesting how sometimes an acrostic just comes to mind? Another day an image says: haiku.


    1. Dear Margie, Thank you. I didn’t listen to all my Christmas CDs in 2011. So I listened to “Wintersong” again after reading your comment. Sarah’s poetry, voice, piano. Beautiful.


    1. Hi Patti, So wonderful to share on our blogs. You may well recognize Sarah’s voice when you hear her.

      Emmylou Harris is another artist I listen to often. Another true voice, always growing. I saw her perform in Milwaukee.


  2. Ellen, these are more difficult to do than I thought. This one is very good. I tried one using one my characters names but failed — will try again.
    w i n d …..! It contains something essential abpit this word: freshness. The simple image goes well with it.


    1. Hi Maria, That’s a great idea, to write about your characters in acrostic form. If these are new characters, that would be an extra challenge! I can only imagine writing novels.

      Thanks and blessings, Ellen


      1. Yes, they’re characters for the new book, but I’ve written about them at length, so it’s a matter of capturing them in this interesting form, to post at my blog.
        Blessings to you, Ellen!


  3. NICE! Really like this, and really like your taste in music.

    If you get a chance to visit my blog, I’ve got a few “poems” posted (though I’m no poet). However, if you read comments on some of my work, you’ll find other poets (including my spouse, who is a great poet) and links to some of their blogs, poetry circles, and poetry prompts. You would probably enjoy.

    Plus, it’s always great to find Christians who are inspirational and uplifting with their poetry! 🙂


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