A Haiku For Caregivers

This haiku is from the caregiving years with my mother.  Enola Borgh lived on earth from 1917 – 2004.  Love keeps growing.  A mystery.

Snow melting

                in March . . .

                                my mother’s new smile

Published in Time Of Singing (Vol. 30, No. 1; Spring 2003).

Painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir: Les Roses dans un Vase, c. 1910 – 1917.  Courtesy of Dover Publications.  From 120 Great Flower Paintings.

UPDATE, September 28, 2014:  I have a small site, Grief And Acceptance.  Blessings, Ellen

18 thoughts on “A Haiku For Caregivers

    1. Dear Labyrinth-Living, yes, the memories are precious. Mom had roses and peonies in her yard. We kept fresh flowers on her dresser, and I have her vase in this room now. Thank you, Ellen


  1. Ellen, you really really have a gift for these haiku which offer up a big significant “bite” of life/living in such few words. Absolutely bowls me over–great! God bless you today, and always.


  2. Lovely! It seems then, that haiku makes us understand, remember, think, feel through images that are held side by side?


    1. Hi Maria, That is a very lovely way to express haiku!

      Scholars–I am not one in poetry–discuss definitions in many ways and include many issues; for example, differences between Japanese and English.

      One thing I know is that the form is growing, and how wonderful when poets find a form, and then can adapt it too, write in their own style.

      Thank you, Ellen


  3. Thanks for this today, Ellen. My 80+ yr old Mom and I will be running her errands this morning. Taking care of her is such an honor and priviledge – I know that your experience was the same. Have a lovely day, K


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