spring tanka

new library books

and wandering home

on all the roads

 fields, spring air, sky

first red-winged blackbird

21 thoughts on “spring tanka

  1. Well it’s finally warm enough to “wander home” and to pick our heads up out of our collars to look around (except this morning was a bit of a chilly surprise – flurries tonight)… And I feel the pace of your wanderings here in this tanka…

    I heard a new bird this morning too but couldn’t tell what it was… it may have been a robin… I suspect they are here already…but haven’t seen any.


    1. Hi Merrill, March and April will still have many surprises here in Wisconsin, and I imagine for you as well.

      Some years I hear the red-wings before I see them. Still have aways to go in “matching” songs and birds.

      For others reading this, there’s a lovely tanka and photo by Merrill on my Psalms and Nature blog. http://elingrace.wordpress.com


  2. How wonderful that you saw the first red-winged blackbird. Spring is coming 🙂


  3. We don’t have red-wing blackbirds by our house in Virginia, so I miss seeing them as the final sign of spring has come. On the other hand, I do get to see robins shivering in snow before spring comes, even here. The robins come back, it snows one more time, and then it’s spring.


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