snippets of landscape – ice falls on rock walls

This Post is by Jane Tims, reblogged with her kind permission. Jane is a botanist and writer; from New Brunswick, Canada.


When highways are built, they often cut through the bedrock, leaving rock walls along the margins of the road.  If these intersect a brook or seep of water, the result is a waterfall on the face of the rock.  In spring or summer, rains can create wild cataracts.  In winter the water freezes, building frozen walls of blue-shadowed ice.  In sunlight, especially when they begin to melt, these ice falls are dazzling.



one warm hand


icicles seep between

layers of rock frozen

curtains separate

inner room from winter storm

glass barrier between blue

light and sheltered eyes

memory of water flows

along the face of the rock

one warm hand melts ice

consolation, condensation

on the inward glass



© Jane Tims  2012

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6 thoughts on “snippets of landscape – ice falls on rock walls

    1. Hi Caddo,

      Yes indeed. Jane’s post also reminds me of southwestern Wisconsin–geography varies a lot in “my” state. I feel a lot in common with our neighbors in Canada.

      If you haven’t already, and you have a moment, you’d enjoy Jane’s poem “one warm hand” at this post on her blog.

      Thanks, Ellen


    1. Hi Patti,

      Did you grow up in West Virginia? Sounds beautiful.

      Also, you and other readers would enjoy Jane’s galleries of pencil drawings. So much inspiration on all our blogs.

      What blessings, Ellen


  1. Dear Ellen, Thanks so much for a great link… These photos bring to mind many places here in Connecticut… We have many large outcroppings of rocks and ledge around trout brooks that have cut their way through deeper and sometimes you’ll come across a place where the water seeps right out of the side of the mountain (hill to people from real mountains.) But the only time I ever saw ice like this was one winter I had a chance to get up to Whetstone Brook…and the three waterfalls has frozen with ice several feet thick. It was an unforgetable sight. I never got very good photos of it so these photos by Jane are such a gift of memory for me. Many thanks.


    1. Dear Merrill, You are very welcome. It is good to be able to picture Connecticut a little more. So beautiful and interesting.

      I’m so happy Jane’s photos are “such a gift of memory” for you.

      Blessings always, Ellen


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