gift of faith

gift of faith

during my hardest years

lights down the beach

moon and stars at night


12 thoughts on “gift of faith

  1. Hi, Ellen, I know where that place is… For me it was watching sparrows scratching in the snow looking for seeds… freezing out, hungry, but still full of the love of life and the fun of being together. The gift of wings.


  2. Good afternoon Everyone,

    I love reading your comments as you wrote them.

    They are a beautiful sequence of poetry.

    So my love and thanks here, for now,


    Thanks for all the “Likes” and visits in general. You make every day special!


  3. Ellen,
    Love the imagery for faith in the hardest years: light gradually drawing closer to you, first as lights down the beach and stars, then finally to sunrise.


  4. Light does give me hope and encouragement during hard times too. Good to have you visit and thanks for the “like”!


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