learning a new map

learning a new map
one day at a time

I wrote this haiku today in response to Aubrie Cox’s “doodle” for March 20, 2012. 

The link to her blog is http://yaywords.wordpress.com.

My post on March 17, 2012 also explains a little about her project this month.   Her sketches are wonderful, and they inspire poems and conversations.  Thanks to Cara Holman too for encouragement!  Her link is http://caraholman.wordpress.com.

11 thoughts on “learning a new map

  1. I love this haiku, Ellen–I’ve been surprised that I could enjoy learning new things at my age. Guess it’s true–we’re never too old!! God bless you abundantly.


      1. You are SO Right! I never dreamed of being a “blogger”–and perhaps it is poetry, as well as God’s grace which keeps us young!


    1. Good morning, Yousei…thank you. Each decade seems to have its own character for me. I experienced a radical shift in my 40s, because of surgery and illness–now very well–and the sweet caregiving years with my mom. Many family funerals.

      Now I am 58, 8 years beyond my mother’s passing, and it is hard to comprehend time!

      Always interested in your work and thoughts…

      Grateful for poetry and friendship!


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