Friendship – Seven Short Poems


for Charles A. Waugaman

Thoughts of a friend
Who always loved and grew
I wonder . . . Has the sky
ever been this beautiful a blue?

* * * * * * *

fragrance of leaves
in the gardens
what good friends
we became
as we grew older

for Enola and Harold Borgh

* * * * * * *

new growth
on evergreens
dinner with old friends

for friends from NIU and NEIU

* * * * * * *

home from mailing
poetry notes
monarch butterfly
greets me
at the back door

beloved penpals and now blogging friends too!

* * * * * * *

river of light
along the evergreens
the friends who stayed

you know who you are and I love you

* * * * * * *

after many
good conversations
one bird
sings the day
to sunset

in honor of family gatherings

reading the poets
of my parents’
their voices

authors through the generations…could not live without them!

Photos of forget-me-nots by Karl in 2011.

I posted these poems on this blog and/or Poems From Psalms And Nature.

Print journal credits:

“Thoughts of a friend” was published in TIME OF SINGING (Spring, 2011).

“reading the poets” and “new growth” were published in SMILE (Summer 2010).  This is a large print journal with a special outreach to “shut-ins” and nursing homes.  My mother was in their “Circle of Roses” for prayer for years.

Grateful.  Ellen

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