Easter Joy – Haiga by Merrill Ann Gonzales

By Merrill Ann Gonzales

All Rights Reserved.

11 thoughts on “Easter Joy – Haiga by Merrill Ann Gonzales

  1. I was so thrilled to be able to catch the daffodils when they first opened…when I saw the way this photo came out it appeared to me like light returning. My joy was being able to share it with others. Thank you Ellen, for making that possible.
    A very blessed Easter to everyone…an Easter of healing, renewal and abundant life. Merrill


    1. Thank you, Kris. I’ve admired Merrill’s work in the haiku print world for many years and am grateful to share her art on my blogs. There’s a long and varied recent post of her work on “Poems from Psalms and Nature.” http://elingrace.wordpress.com This was on March 28, 2012.

      May Easter blessings continue for you and everyone…Ellen


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