Saturday poem

Cara Holman included a link to this poem on her “Poem In Your Pocket Day” celebration (4/26/12). Here’s the main link to her site:

opening the door
to shake the dust
off the mop
first primroses

15 thoughts on “Saturday poem

  1. Hi, Ellen, Just what I’ve been doing for the last few weeks! Still so much more to do! For me it was the first green tiny leaves on my lettuce today. And the peas have sent up two tiny, tiny green indications that they will burst the earth in a day or two. Tomorrow I have promised the bees (if it doesn’t rain) to sit still and try to photo them. They have had quite a time with my blue and purple myrtle… I just need to get a few minutes to be still in the garden … I keep that thought in my head as I keep mopping…. I soooooo need an orderly space inside as well as out!


  2. Oh I love this!! (Am I saying that too much? Redundancy is my strong suit, I guess…) God bless your weekend, Ellen!!


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