old photos

June2011Flowers 009

old photos
on my desk —
bleeding hearts in bloom

Published first in Time Of Singing (1994).

Time Of Singing has a page on Facebook.

This haiku also appears on my poet page on the Haiku Registry at The Haiku Foundation (THF).  And it was selected for THF Haiku App.

My page on the Haiku Registry may be read here.

The Haiku Foundation is non-profit.

I mentioned I am reading through the Haiku Registry, which is edited by Billie Wilson – a wonderful education.  So many poets familiar and new, worldwide.

Photo by Karl (2011).

Post updated on September 3, 2015.

Ellen Grace Olinger

18 thoughts on “old photos

  1. Seems the last few days I’ve read so many posts remembering and treasuring our parents. This is a lovely haiku, quite deservedly included in THF app. I think I’ve got the app, so I’m going treasure hunting. 🙂


    1. Dear Yousei, Thank you for your generous comment. Yes, so many of us “remembering and treasuring our parents.” Sharing this season of middle-age in many cases, I imagine.

      Blessings to you and your family, Ellen


    1. Dear Francina, Thank you! I have a policy of not accepting awards with requirements, as I have two blogs and other commitments. But I surely will visit your site and learn about the awards you feature.

      Very grateful and all the best, Ellen


      1. you’re welcome Ellen. and no problem, I just think you deserve a token of my appreciation of your blog!


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