Wisconsin Postcard

summer warmth
returns to Wisconsin

corn begins to grow
sweet tiny plants

a dairy cow naps
in sun in a field

a poet tries to paint
the postcard in words

others are painting
their watercolors
drawing birds

taking pictures
writing a novel
weeding and planting
caring for someone
grading papers and teaching
editing and publishing others
writing software code,
music, poems, and essays . . .

(please complete the list
with your art)

honoring and cherishing
a loved one’s memory

Memorial Day

* * *

To Harold Borgh, my father

Carl Borgh, who kept the trains running here at home

Eugene Brandt MD, who served and trained doctors, and then gave his career to a Veterans Hospital in Milwaukee

Paul Brandt, my cousin, who returned from Vietnam and left a conservation legacy in southwestern Wisconsin at his sudden passing at the age of 60

and so many others . . .

We honor you.  We love you.  We pray for peace.  Ellen

9 thoughts on “Wisconsin Postcard

  1. Life often comes at us fast and furiously. We remember those today who were able to clear a path, to bring a spot of peace in a warring era. Thank you for your homage to all those who serve, wherever and however…even those who stay at home and just support the way of peace.


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