Father’s Day – short poem in love and memory

love for you

became her care

until she joined you there

grief gives way to fields and wind

and now I hear your voice again

* * *

Published in Bell’s Letters Poet.

14 thoughts on “Father’s Day – short poem in love and memory

    1. Hi Jane, Thank you. This is what happened. I was driving on country roads home to Oostburg, from Sheboygan, and the wind and the fields reached me with their healing. I was 29 when my father was called Home and 50 when my mother “joined him there” in 2004. How strange in a way to write those numbers, and how brave my mother had to be. Good to share our stories. Thanks again, Ellen


  1. This is really beautiful–so soothing to know that grief gives way to the hearing of our loved one’s voice again. God bless you, Ellen.


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