Acrostic for LIBRARY

L  ove of literature

I  nspires countless

B  eautiful hours of

R  eading many

A  uthors, and sometimes

R  ereading beloved books

Y  early

Thanks to all who work in libraries and do so much to serve our communities.

The image is a free sample from Dover Publications.
From Art Nouveau.

Update: my LIBRARY acrostic poem was published by WestWard Quarterly, Fall 2018.

Ellen Grace Olinger

14 thoughts on “Acrostic for LIBRARY

  1. Okay, this is my new Fave of yours, Ellen!! Wonderful and true, and yes–thanks for libraries and all who keep them going. My job with a local library was the best one I ever had–I couldn’t get enough of books!! “Book people” are so interesting! God bless you–love, Caddo


  2. Hi. I think about our local library when I was about 10. I had a shelf I just loved… I’d take out the same books over and over. I have my own small library now and I’ve read every book in it! Jane


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