roses in the sun

roses in the sun

some ending

some beginning

and some in full bloom

good to grow older

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15 thoughts on “roses in the sun

  1. When I was 20, I thought growing older would be good because I could do all the things I couldn’t yet do. When I was 40, I thought growing older would be terrible, because it would be the end of doing all the things I wanted to do. Now that I’ve passed 60, I realize that I’ll never do all the things I’d planned to do, and it doesn’t make any difference at all. My only real curiosity is what I’ll think about aging at 80.


  2. Oh, that is SO wonderful, Ellen! I think “this” age is the best one to be (cruising at highest speed toward 60) and I’ll probably say the same thing next year, and the next! God bless you abundantly–love, Caddo


  3. My Grandmother always had a large rose-garden. Your words brought back so many memories of that garden with the roses in various stages of life and death. Thank you. Wonderful post.


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