Gibbsville Orchard

Update: February 17, 2019 Yesterday I learned that this property has new owners, as of July 1, 2018.

For current information, please visit M & T’s Gibbsville Orchard.

I am in my 10th year of blogging, and update posts as I become aware of changes. We are grateful for all our local businesses, through the years. Best wishes. Older posts are part of the history.

In an earlier post this season, I mentioned going to Dutters Gibbsville Orchard in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin; and that I wanted to go back and look more at the art for sale in the store.  A few weekends ago, I stopped by and bought some of their apples and cards.  I enjoyed a lovely conversation with one of the owners about pruning, and how Lake Michigan had a moderating effect this past Spring, and so protected their trees from frost.

I bought a few cards of the same design, “Artwork and Calligraphy by Lori Voskuil-Dutter for Creative Design Studio, Inc. Cedar Grove, WI 53013.”  I chose one with a quote from Emily Dickinson: “Hope is the thing with feathers…”  On the back of the card it says that the paper is handmade from mulberry, “…a renewable source that comes from harvested bark which regrows, preventing any harm to the tree.”

bearing much fruit
with years of being pruned
old orchard trees

10 thoughts on “Gibbsville Orchard

  1. Just a beautiful image. There’s something marvellous about old orchard trees. A friend of mine’s father had an orchard and I remember him showing us the old orchard trees, and telling when he planted them and a kind of history of each tree. It never really meant anything to me at the time, but over the years I’ve seen it in a new light – nothing like age to open your eyes. One particular tree in the one corner of the orchard stands out for me with its knotted trunk and branches – a yellow peach tree. Thanks for your wonderful words.


    1. Dear Don, You are welcome and thanks for your “wonderful words” as well. How good of your friend’s father to take the time to show you, and that your memory kept the image of the yellow peach tree. Ellen


  2. We had purple mulberry trees all around the gramar school where I went to school in my first five years of schooling. Oh, how I loved to watch the birds in those trees instead of classwork… and in recess how I loved to nibble on the fallen berries…. always staining my tongue, hands and clothes! The very mention of mulberry trees brings back a fairy-tale childhood…. and I thank you, Ellen. Good night…it’s late… pleasant dreams.


  3. We had a Mulberry tree as a home we rented years ago, my oldest was just 4, and she would step on the Mulberries and track the mess into the house!!! grrr! But what a sweet memory, also, as she would make “Mulberry pies” in the sandbox for hours!


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