Simple Fall Day

We all know those “haiku moments” when change is here for sure.

Something in us knows we are not going back, but rather forward into a new time.  Perhaps the key to an office is returned, for someone else now.  Or a father’s clothes are given to a veterans’ group; he no longer needs them and would want them used.  We may hear a diagnosis at a doctor’s office.  A poem was accepted by a journal and I danced in the living room. These are old memories now.  How varied and rich life can be and always growing in some small way. A beautiful collage.

There are also the precious everyday moments, like today, when I decide an afghan with blue winter colors, warmer than the one I had by my chair in summer, is the one I need now. Like a child, I still like to be cozy with books all year: my timeless real self.

Mom gave me this deep love of language, and Dad gave me the love of simple everyday life.  Once when I was caring for my mom, I said one of those things that really isn’t helpful!  We had such a deep bond, though, that she understood.  In trying to cheer her up, I said, “Well you don’t have to take a bus home from UWM in the cold tonight.”  And she said, “Oh, but I felt so alive!”  So we tried to bring her old world to her.

pumpkins in the fields
and for sale
Autumn roads

Image: Karen’s Whimsy

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  1. I keep a small jar filled with pocket change on my desk. It is there to remind me that when we spend the coins of our lives, change happens.


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