clouds along the horizon

clouds along the horizon
would tell me
apart from the calendar
that it is Autumn

took me years
to understand
the warm lake
and cool air

did not completely
teach and help

until the day
I saw the steam
from my mug of coffee
in a cold sunroom

the things I’ve read
written about and lived

have yet to truly live . . .

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21 thoughts on “clouds along the horizon

  1. Good morning, Ellen, its one of my favorite sights, the mist rising from the lake. In the early dawn it is so magical. Definately autumn here this morning, our temps in the 40s for the first time – but back to daytime temps in the 90s by Tues! Tis that time of year! Hope you are having a tranquil first Sunday of fall, my friend. K


  2. Isn’t it interesting when life’s simple things open a window to greater understanding of the world around us?


  3. How very true! Thanks for this marvelous poem…. So many ideas, but the understanding comes in our lives….what we go through each day a valuable lesson about ourselves and about the world we live in. Love this poem Ellen… Many thanks.


  4. Ellen, I love how the leaves spill out of the image, and your words then spill down the page! Insightful thoughts, as always.


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