Two Anthologies: from The Haiku Foundation and Penguin Books

reading poetry
many different forms

seasons turn again
always familiar

always new

* * *

I often read several books at the same time, as I’m sure is true of many of you.  In the morning, I am better able to learn new things.  Later in the day, I love to reread and rest with familiar authors.

Currently, I am reading MONTAGE: The Book; Created and Edited by Allan Burns (Winchester VA: The Haiku Foundation, 2010; Book Design by Red Moon Press). Galleries of the haiku by poets from across time and places are also available for free on-line.

I’m also reading The Penguin Anthology of 20th Century American Poetry, Edited by Rita Dove (Penguin Books, 2011).  This was a gift from my family last year.

I enjoy buying colorful sweaters at Bethesda Thrift Shop in Sheboygan for a few dollars–books are another matter!

10 thoughts on “Two Anthologies: from The Haiku Foundation and Penguin Books

  1. Wonderful! I too, keep several books going for the same reasons. One you mentioned was edited by Rita Dove. I am currently reading a book of her poetry and starting work on poems after the style of her Thomas and Beulah collection.


  2. I used to be a cover-to-cover reader–and only then could I start a new book. But now I seem to have a variety of partially-read books and magazines at hand.


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