Short Holiday Poems – a small resource

A  bright sunny day here.  I saw in my stats that readers are finding my short Thanksgiving poem.  So I began a new small site this week called Short Holiday Poems.

I used the About page to tell readers they are welcome to use any of the poems for free, as long as proper credit is given.  These could be poems for bulletin boards, collages, note cards, and other crafts.

I’m reviewing my Archives and will add poems in advance of special days, as I know how far ahead teachers plan.

I was 22 when I began a new special class, in a new-for-me state.  With budget limitations, teachers often spend their own money for classroom materials.  I also remember working over the summers, without pay, to get ready for the new school year. So if this new little site helps a teacher, or someone else, find a poem, I am truly blessed.

Part of creating new sites too is that I love the WordPress themes . . . the whole creative process.


The image is from a personal card,
by and from Charles A. Waugaman (1932 – 2010).
All rights reserved for his family.

10 thoughts on “Short Holiday Poems – a small resource

  1. Well aren’t you on a creative tear! How wonderful! And yes, every teacher I have known, pays for things out of their pockets and carries the classroom everywhere they go.


  2. Hi Ellen–this is very nice!! And by the way, I got your tinyword poem in my email this morning–what a treat!!! God bless you, have a great weekend–love, Caddo


    1. Dear Caddo, Thank you. Hope you have a great weekend too. I just found some of my Christmas CDs, so will listen to Amy Grant this afternoon. I know you like her also. Not in a hurry, but would like some of my own quiet holiday time before other expectations begin…


      1. How interesting, because an animated version of “A Christmas Carol” was on last night–and I was thoroughly enjoying it, getting misty at the end as I always do!


      1. Sharing bounty is part of our holidays, and so this is appropriate and kind.
        You’re welcome, of course.


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