A Poet’s Window, continued


one gold leaf clings to my window screen . . . memories


A haiku from this blog was published in the new issue at TINYWORDS.  http://www.tinywords.com

As I mentioned in an earlier post, there are many fine poems to read there and comments.  Also, in the spirit of linked verse, they welcome readers to post small poems in the comments.  Each post thus becomes a new work of art.

My poem in the current issue is:

Friday afternoon
butterfly rests
on the wind

5 thoughts on “A Poet’s Window, continued

  1. Hi, Ellen, I so enjoyed your haiku yesterday on tinywords…. The image you conveyed seemed to coincide with all the leaves falling around here and the swirl of events that’s sort of swept through my life. You haiku helped me to keep that still small space still for a moment. Many thanks. Merrill


    1. Dear Merrill, You are welcome, and thank you for the haiku you posted on tinywords, in the comments for my poem. This is a first for me, and means a lot. It’s wonderful how we can all support one another. Love, Ellen


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