October Turns (version two)

This is a poem from last year (10/15/2011).  Some of you may remember it, and the Post is still on this blog.

I rewrote the poem, keeping the conclusion the same.  This version has fewer words and shorter lines.

It’s not unusual for there to be a dramatic change here, at this time.  Today we have a wind and rainstorm.


strong cold winds

leaves fall
reveal shapes
of trees

light falls
into the house
as sun moves south

red geraniums
still bloom

October turns
to face November

Image credit: http://www.antiqueclipart.com

11 thoughts on “October Turns (version two)

  1. This is so lovely – and a good reminder that it’s almost time to go looking for geraniums at the garden shop. It finally will be cool enough for them – and snapdragons, pansies and cyclamen. While the rest of the world celebrates fall color, this is our “dull season”, as we wait for the cool.

    On the other hand, the sun’s movement and the shortening of the days is obvious. When the time change comes, we’ll know something is happening!


  2. I like this one a LOT, Ellen! I felt as though I was entering the poem, watching the images occur. God bless you abundantly–love, Caddo


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