Last Saturday in October

For with God nothing shall be impossible.

Luke 1: 37

So beautiful, this last Saturday in October.   This was a day to pull a warm blue sweater off the shelf, another great find from Bethesda Thrift Store in Sheboygan.  The stars I bought there, hanging on the wall by my study, say Love * Faith * Hope.   Some days these stars change me.  I read from the Psalms aloud, and also the beginning chapters of Luke’s Gospel.

The trees without leaves don’t seem bare or bereft to me.   Maybe it’s good to shed, rest, and then leaf out again.  I see our cedars shed too.

The willows, though, are still so green and gold–perhaps like a friend who will sit and weep long with us, when that is required, until we have no more tears and can grow again.

We bought 9 grain organic bread at The Oostburg Bakery.  One loaf for us, and one for a relative.  I learned from their website that they were established in 1929.

Many ways to serve, to create, grow new leaves after times of rest.  My “barge on the horizon” haiku was written when I was adjusting to some major life changes.  Sometimes things return in new ways.  God’s timing is mysterious.  I know, for example, that 20 years is a grain of sand to Him.  Today is so beautiful that it is easy to trust.  So one day at a time…and blessings to you, this second post I was moved to write today.  Ellen

8 thoughts on “Last Saturday in October

  1. Ellen – a joyful and uplifting message – it has been a good day – raked leaves then spent time with mom watching her birds at the feeders and the wind riffling the water on the cove – wishing you many contented days and so much more, love, Kathleen


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