Emmylou Harris – Hard Bargain

Emmylou Harris is another artist who continues to bless me.

Emmylou’s latest CD is HARD BARGAIN.  One of the songs is about New Orleans:  “. . . But we took it to a higher ground”

Her website is http://www.emmylouharris.com.

~ haiku from earlier this year ~

good day of work
Emmylou Harris sings
my evening prayers


The “Natural Bouquet” is from

10 thoughts on “Emmylou Harris – Hard Bargain

    1. Dear Margie, Thank you. The good day of work was for the Education Page I’m helping to develop with The Haiku Foundation. We hope to “go live” in early 2013. I’m happy to be using these skills again…Blessings for your haiku, photography, painting, gift for friendship…Ellen


  1. I’ve been a fan of Emmylou for decades. I think I may have had her first album. Do you happen to know Iris DeMent? She and Emmy have sung together – this is one of my favorites from Iris.


    1. Dear Linda, I have many of Emmylou’s early CDs and anthologies with early work. I really connected with her work, though, with the Wrecking Ball CD.

      Yes, I have a few of Iris DeMent’s CDs, and I will enjoy checking out your link–thank you.

      You inspired me to look at Iris DeMent’s website, and she has a new album, SING THE DELTA. Will have to order it now.

      Iris DeMent’s website: http://irisdement.com

      Thanks again, Ellen

      PS As I think some more, I LOVE Emmylou’s, Ballad of Sally Rose, which would predate Wrecking Ball.
      Also love her Gospel album, her work with Linda Ronstadt and Dolly Parton, etc.


    1. Dear Wendell, You are welcome. I’m happy you like the image–it seemed to fit well with Emmylou’s art. Also good to visit your site today, and for some news yesterday, with the extreme weather. Thanks, Ellen


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