Last Day Of October

A few thoughts as I turn the page of the calendar to November:

Margaret Dornaus published a special collection, “Day of the Dead III,” on her blog, Haiku-doodle.  Many fine artists are featured, with links to their sites.   She kindly included the SERENE acrostic I wrote for my mother (October 19, 2012 Post on this blog).  Margaret’s link is

I remember attending an All Saints Day service that remembered my cousin, Paul, and several others, at St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.  As many of you know, his land is now the Paul Brandt School Forest in Boscobel, Wisconsin.  Paul was a Vietnam veteran, who returned and gave his life to conservation.

8 thoughts on “Last Day Of October

  1. Thank you for the blog referral. And thanks for a sweet and touching ending to the month of October. Let’s all look forward to a wonderful new month, yes? Take good care of your precious self! xoJulia


  2. I’ve never been to an All Saints Day service, Ellen–I must look into that, so thank you! And God bless you as we step into a new month–love, Caddo


  3. I was happy to see your reference to All Saint’s Day. I look forward each year to thinking about those who have gone on before me, their influences on my life, and how much I miss them. I can do that anytime, but November 1 at least ensures that I do it.


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