My Thanksgiving Poem ~ 2012

This is my Top Post these days, from the Archives.  So I will reprint it anew here, with a different image.

I’ve learned that love is eternal and that new dreams can always begin–at any age.

Beginnings may be tiny like a seed planted in spring that becomes a nasturtium in summer (picture from

November Wisconsin countryside
Bare trees elegant against the sky
Colors in the landscape muted now
October’s glory is gone
And love grows eternally

Blessings, Ellen

Published in SMILE  (Fall/Winter, 2008-2009).

12 thoughts on “My Thanksgiving Poem ~ 2012

  1. Wonderful. Happy Thanksgiving my friend. Poets are the only people I know who can express gratitude and thanksgiving with out saying the word “thanks”. You compose pictures of gratitude. Thank you for that. I wish you a peaceful shopping-free weekend. 🙂


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