small collection ~ three

I began this blog in December 2009.

Here is a poem from each of the last three Decembers here at Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin.

Thank you, Ellen


December 2009


What a road we travel
To figure out the
Simplest things and
Return to where we
Knew we belonged
All along

To build friendships
With those whose arms
Are true, all-accepting
And strong

To raise our arms to Heaven
Dig our toes in sand, and
Throw back our heads to
The wind

What a road, what a road
We travel to figure out
The simplest things and
Return to where we
Knew we belonged
All along

* This poem found many homes.  Simply written from my heart.  Published first in Silver Wings (1995); The Writers’ Bistro (2007); WestWard Quarterly (2008); and Christine Mason Miller reprinted it on her site in 2010.

December 2010

almost Christmas
through the evergreens
clear blue sky

December 2011

new chapters
grow a day at a time

moon shines
through clouds
through trees

sun rises
and reveals

our first snowfall


The image is a sample from 500 Full-Color Decorative Illustrations (Dover).

20 thoughts on “small collection ~ three

  1. While December can be an ending, each day gets us closer to a new beginning, whether it is the lengthening of days after the solstice or the clock striking midnight on the 31st.
    Continued blessings.


  2. Good morning, dear Ellen. What a joy to read your words today on the first Sunday of Advent. I feel fortunate to have found your wonderful blog and to read your beautiful words …and to have found a friend too. Have a lovely Sunday. K


  3. What a nice touch – to view three different yet somehow similar entries of the same day over several years. This only proves that all of our blogs are a work in progress.


    1. Dear Mary, Thank you. I so agree with what you say about our blogs being a work in progress. This encourages so much growth, trying new ideas, and then the supportive feedback. Blessings, Ellen


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