Holiday Mail


Now December begins to wind down. Here and there I will reread the mail that arrived.  There were many blessings this year:  good news, families growing, small conversations from a deep place in the heart, kind words about this blog, friends who write once a year.  The cards and photos will mostly stay in a letter holder on the kitchen table all year.

holiday lights
on the mantel
moments of grace

The image is from
It says, “A New Year’s Greeting Fond And True.”

Update:  WordPress says December 29, 2012 was the best day for likes on this blog.  Thank you!

8 thoughts on “Holiday Mail

  1. Dear Ellen, May your table always be overflowing with message from dear friends! May the upcoming year be filled with love and happiness
    Groetjes, Francina .


  2. The old new year’s image is wonderful. Thanks for including the web address for Antique Clip Art. I hadn’t known this site existed until I read this. It is a wonderful resource that I’m sure I’ll turn to when looking for images to illustrate some of my posts.


  3. I noticed this year much more giving and receiving of note cards as gifts. I sense a shift away from electronic greetings, toward cards and photos that can stay on the table all year.


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