More poetry updates


1. On Christmas Day, Aubrie Cox posted the free download of the collection she edited:  Fool’s Paradise found poems.  Her current challenge features doodles by HM Yuan, which are lovely drawings.  Many poets are posting poems in the comments.  Here’s Aubrie’s link, if you wish to read her guidelines, participate, and/or simply read and view the drawings.

I wrote this poem for Fool’s Paradise, and am honored that Aubrie included it in her online book, which features many artists.

beautiful child –
I sing for the things
that made me stronger

“Beautiful Child” by Stevie Nicks.
“I Sing For The Things” by Stevie Nicks.
“That Made Me Stronger” by Stevie Nicks.

The lyrics to Stevie’s songs are available at her website:  She is one of the most enduring and generous artists I know — more beautiful and gifted in her 60s than in her youth.

2.  Tom Clausen, a friend I’ve known through haiku and tanka for many years, posts a haiku every day at Mann Library, at Cornell University.  He features one guest author per month.  There is an extensive Archive at this site now.

3.  The January Per Diem at The Haiku Foundation is edited by Cherie Hunter Day, and it features bugs!  Jim Kacian introduced this month’s poems in his December 31, 2012 post on troutswirl, The Haiku Foundation Blog.

Yesterday in the comments there I wrote:

summer rain
light catches
the spider webs

4.  TINYWORDS haiku & other small poems:  Editors Peter Newton and Kathe L. Palka are accepting submissions through January 20, 2013, for the next issue.  I sent a few poems for review.  Here’s their link, if you wish more information about the guidelines:

5.  I also am enjoying the new Video Archive at The Haiku Foundation.  I am learning so much.  Sometimes when I need a short break, I simply watch a video or two.


8 thoughts on “More poetry updates

    1. Hi Linda, I just watched–thank you! I had seen some of this footage before somewhere, but this was new too.

      I have a two CD set of both Rumours and Tusk. One CD in each case is demos, and they are marvelous.

      Regarding The Wild Heart footage, I remember that song and CD so well–broken hearts but not giving up! And “Beauty and the Beast”–what a masterpiece.

      I like Stevie’s new solo CD too, with Dave Stewart: In Your Dreams.

      Thanks again! Ellen


  1. I plan to check out these links. I appreciate your generosity in sharing the link for the submission opportunity.

    I always enjoy coming to your site, Ellen. Thank you.


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