rest and beauty

bible_quotes__image_3_sjpg233The icebergs are melting.

There are many small islands of ice in Lake Michigan.

I hear the wind – and that most welcome sound as Spring approaches: RAIN. 

The land, rivers, and lakes need the water.

Hope you have a good Sunday, with rest and beauty.   Ellen


14 thoughts on “rest and beauty

  1. It’s raining here, too. We’ll not get much – perhaps a half inch, but there have been places that have received over an inch, and we’re all rejoicing for them.

    I smiled to see “rest” mentioned. I’m sure there are people over the next couple of days who’ll be feeling the need for more of that, as we all adjust to the “new” time.


    1. Dear Diane, Thank you and blessings. I enjoy browsing at Christian Image Source – many lovely Easter pictures. I visited today – they include careful research notes about the art. Ellen


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