Lily and Needlepoint

Karl took these photos today.  I made the needlepoint picture when I was a young teacher, and then had it framed professionally.  The kit was high quality, and the picture is from a painting by Paul Cezanne.





12 thoughts on “Lily and Needlepoint

  1. When I visited my mother last week, I took her an Easter Lily. She was napping when I first arrived, so I set the plant on the table nearby. She opened her eyes, sniffed and smiled, saying, “I smell lilies!” The dementia kept her from knowing who I was or where she was, but she recognized the Easter Lily. It was such a blessing.


    1. Dear Marylin, What a beautiful story and gift to give your mother. When I was caring for my mother, it was so sweet to be able to create these moments. Like poetry – the senses. Blessings, Ellen


  2. Your needlepoint is beautiful, a perfect match for the lily. As always, Karl’s photography is superb.


  3. Your needlework is so beautiful, Ellen. And there is something so majestic and yet natural about lilies … I, too, love the story that Marilyn shared in her comment. It doesn’t surprise me that flowers would have a presence for someone with dementia … they are, for me, much like angels.


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