Sun and Wind


I’m still counting my blessings to one thousand, but not managing to write them down every day.  That’s okay.

Here’s an update:

275.  Blue sky and birch trees

276.  Sun and wind on my face

277.  A cup of decaff

278.  Snow melting

279.  A slow Spring this year

280.  Friends

281.  All the blue colors in the lake

I often repeat my blessings, as I love daily life so much.

This afternoon I’m rereading Selections from One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp ( 2012, Zondervan; author copyright).

As Ann says, ” . . . eucharisteo precedes the miracle” (p. 31).

The goal is to always find something to praise – however tiny.  It’s interesting as I type this, I recall such vivid images of beauty outside the windows during difficult days.  I didn’t think of myself as having that visual sense before.  Now it is appearing in my poetry, as a natural part of life.  I was trained as a teacher, and self-taught as a poet.

The flower is by Ida Waugh (d. 1919), courtesy of Resuable Art – Breathing New Life Into Old Art.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Ellen


10 thoughts on “Sun and Wind

  1. You have me right by your side, Ellen, until #277. (I don’t drink coffee for the taste, and to me drinking decaf is like kissing through a screen door…)
    Oops, sorry. Back on track now…
    I do love your posts, Ellen!


  2. It’s lovely to see that you are really counting your blessings. As children we were told to count our blessings but it didn’t occur to me then that we could actually do that.


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